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Open to all teens to submit your best ideas on how to reduce or eliminate poverty in Latin America through ideas in health, science and technology.

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The future of the Americas will greatly depend on the ability of our people to harness breakthroughs in health, science and technology to find new ways of lifting people out of poverty.

This award category calls on the creativity and ingenuity of today’s youth to find real, concrete ways to combat poverty in Latin America.

In particular, this category calls on submitters to think about the root causes of poverty, and how new developments in health, sciences and technology can address the root causes in an effective manner.

What causes poverty? Is it lack of education? High rates of disease? Lack of potable drinking water? Low access to computers and the Internet?

The Daniel Chavez Moran Award will grant the following prizes for this category:

  • Grand Prize - $5,000, Certificate of Award
  • Runner Up - $2,000, Certificate of Runner Up
  • Third Place - $1,000

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